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HDPE Fusion: The Basics

Over our lives we have all picked up the little sayings that we remember from time to time. You know the ones like the 5 P’s; ‘pre-planning prevents poor performance’ or ‘aim small miss small’ or ‘do it right the first time’ . . .

Another favorite saying is ‘every journey begins with a single step’. If we start from the easiest and work our way to the hardest, we can build up out skill set and become the expert, or trusted source, in our field little bits at a time. The same is true for HDPE fusion. The fusion process really is super easy when broken down to the fundamentals (the single steps if you will). It’s job site circumstances that make HDPE fusion a pain in the a$$. But no matter the job circumstances, the fundamentals stay the same.

Let’s take the basic butt fusion process for HDPE pipe and fittings, one step at a time.

Clean, Heat, Fuse, Cool. That’s it! That’s all we have to do.

  1. Clean – What are the approved methods and cleaners for the pipe and fittings you are fusing?

  2. Heat – What is the correct temperature range for the pipe and fittings you are fusing?

  3. Fuse – What is the correct fusion procedure and pressure you need to use?

  4. Cool – What is the proper cooling time needed for the pipe or fitting you are fusing?

If we remove all the other ‘obstacles’ that we face on the job site we still have the basics. If you master the basics, you’re one step closer to being top in your field.

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